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3-day online program for high school students from around the world who are passionate about the world of international relations and diplomacy.

December 2022


Welcoming Harvard to Sciences Po for a historic multi-day summit to discuss urgent policy issues between France and the United States.

January 13-14, 2023

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Domestic Policy Shapes Foreign Policy: Bringing 7 mayors from 7 Sciences Po-host cities for the first time together around a forum on public policy. 

April 2023

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A multi-stakeholder forum to present a collaborative Action Plan to the French Foreign Ministry, Mediterranean diplomats, and civil society leaders.

May 2023


Funded research opportunities for SP3 members in China, France, Israel, Kosovo, and Jordan. SP3 Envoys conduct field research on a topic of their choosing and present it to senior government leadership. 

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Bringing students and leaders together over coffee. Every Sunday morning during two academic semesters.

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