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Letter from the President to Members

Dear members:

I am happy to welcome you to SP3 Network. This year, you are over 300 SP3 members thinking about how you want to join the world: as future diplomats, policymakers, businesspeople, peacemakers, and more.

SP3 was founded in 2021 with the sole purpose of bringing together three generations of leaders: past, present, and future. Our mission is to create a whole new landscape for our university’s changemakers to connect with, learn from, and engage with men and women who shape and continue shaping the world we live in – a network with overlapping timelines gathered in one project. Our goal is to give each member a platform and this is done by a) learning at the source of the most pressing issues we face and b) contributing in your own creative way in solving these issues via projects and in fora. Each member can come up with an idea and they will be fully supported in achieving it.

This academic year, we renewed our structure and delegated it into two: a national board to overlook the association’s activities and international engagements, to strengthen our longstanding relations with our university’s administration, and to focus on outreach to provide our community with the highest-quality speakers, conferences, and opportunities. And 7 regional boards to attend to the day-to-day activities of the association.

Since August 2022, and over the summer, our board has gathered in person and online. This has provided us with the time and space to rethink SP3 and mould into an ambitious project open to all those who seek to improve the state of our world. This vision was met with encouragement and praise from heads of state and government, business leaders, and world-renowned scholars. It is a humbling feeling - we cannot wait for you to experience it.

SP3’s board and advisors, who are now my dearest friends, are dedicated, intelligent, and sharp. You will meet them, work with them, and realize how lucky SP3 is to have them as they join me on my second term as President.

After months of preparation and a long-awaited kick-off, we will begin to announce our first speakers, conferences, and details regarding funded travel opportunities within the Envoy Program, starting October 4, 2022. We will follow with announcements of our corporate and institutional partners who will be generously supporting us this year.

On behalf of SP3, I want to reiterate my welcome to you into our community and thank you for your trust. I hope to see you all very soon.

With best wishes,

Louai's e-signature

Louai Allani-Guellouz
Founding President

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